100% long Mulberry Silk Duvets ... silk casing



4.5 Tog

9 Tog

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*13.5 Tog
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King Size





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* Naturally Hypoallergenic

* Soft and Lightweight

* Warm in Winter, cool in Summer

* Organic Fibre


Extra light, warm and soft, with silk’s special properties of natural temperature control these duvets give you the most luxurious and healthy night’s sleep. We are delighted to bring you the very finest quality silk from a specialist producer in China’s Jiangsu Province where the many extraordinary qualities of silk have been appreciated for centuries.


* 100% Long Mulberry Silk floss filling

We only use the finest Grade A long mulberry silk floss


* 100% ‘Habotai’ silk casing

Habotai (or parachute) silk is lighter and smoother than cotton casing


* Warm in Winter ... Cool in Summer

Silk is a poor conductor of heat, so heat is retained close to the body in Winter while redundant heat is shed in Summer. The result is that it keeps your body at an even temperature giving you a great night’s sleep.



Silk wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night


*Warmth withour weight

While retaining warmth, the extra light weight of silk duvets can provide welcome relief for those, including arthritis sufferers, who find the weight of normal duvets can be oppressive and uncomfortable.


* Naturally Hypo-allergenic

Silk contains sericin, an anti-acarid property which prevents the growth of mould and is hostile to mites and ticks. It can therefore be excellent news for those who suffer allergies such as asthma and hay fever.


* Organic

Silk is a nautral product containing no harmful trace chemicals and will therefore not deteriorate over time


Choose your Tog weight

9 tog

The 9 tog silk duvet is recommended for most people for all-year-round use,especially where the ambient room temperature remains above approx 13C (55 F).


4.5 tog

Generally for Summer use, or for naturally 'warm' people. Can also be attached to the 9 tog for warm winter use.


13.5 Tog - SAVE 10% when you order a 4.5 Tog and 9 Tog combination

A 13.5 Tog duvet provides the snuggest winter warmth. The duvets have silk tiestrings, which enables a 4.5 Tog to be paired with a 9 Tog to form a 13.5 Tog duvet.

A duvet of each Tog value gives you full flexibility through the year to use one, or the other ... or both.

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