100% long Mulberry Silk Pillows - silk casing

*Naturally hypoallergenic

*Extra soft

*Firmly filled

*Breathable, organic fibre


Luxuriously soft, these pillows are designed to give the perfect amount of support to your neck and head.


Fully filled with the finest 100% long mulberry silk floss and encased in 'habotai' silk, these breathable silk pillows ensures your head stays cool, though snug.


Silk contains the anti-acarid serecin, so these pillows will not host the house mites which infest most pillows and which are the cause of many allergies ... including asthma and hay fever.


Size 70cm x 50cm



1 x 100% Silk Pillow 70.00


SAVE 10.00

2 x 100% Silk Pillows 130.00