19 momme luxury Silk

Oxford Style Pillowcases

* Silky Smooth

* Luxuriously soft and strong

* 100% pure silk

* Breathable

* Summer Cool, Winter Warm

* Hypoallergenic

* Natural relief for skin irritations


Cool, breathable and luxuriously soft on the skin, the amino acids and natural cellular albumen fibre in the silk are believed to help resist the ageing process by keeping facial lines at bay while the smoothness of the silk promotes healthy hair and is even claimed to prevent split ends.

Oxford style pure silk pillow cases are handcrafted from the very finest seamless 19 momme 100% pure charmeuse satin silk.

Each stylish pillow case has 1.5" (4cm) flange (border) around each edge and is designed to take a standard 70 cm x 50cm size pillow. Ivory


1 Pair Oxford Style Pillowcases 45.00



SAVE 10.00

2 Pairs Oxford Style Pillowcases 80.00


Save a further 10.00

2 Pillows + 1 Pair Oxford Style Pillowcases 165.00


Save a further 15.00

2 Pillows + 2 Pair Oxford Style Pillowcases 195.00