19 momme silk duvet covers

Duvet Covers

For the ultimate luxury and healthy night’s sleep the lustrous finish and rich smoothness of these covers enhances the properties of your duvet to give you a perfect temperature through the night in both summer and winter. Silky smooth, yet strong and hardwearing, silk’s natural benefits, believed to be due to its natural cellular albumen fibre and amino acids, can bring soothing relief to skin irritations, can assist the prevention of skin allergies, can help to relieve joint pain and can provide relief for some hay fever and asthma sufferers sufferers. Best of all ... it’s sumptuosly comfortable and relaxing!


A silk cover is not essential for your silk duvet. You will still gain the benefits of silk's natural properties with a cotton cover. At the same time, however, it is not not essential to have cream with your coffee ... but it does taste so much better!


These 19 momme duvet covers contain ties at the corners to keep the duvet in place. Ivory.


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135 x 200cm



200 x 200cm



225 x 220cm


Super King

260 x 220cm


"For years I suffered with skin allergies made worse by the dust mites that inhabit our bedding. I tried all different types of linen and covers but nothing made any difference until I discovered your silk bedding.
It may sound silly but it has changed my life. Now, for the first time in years, I can sleep blissfully through the night"

* Luxuriously soft and strong

* 100% 19 momme silk

* Breathable

* Silky Smooth

* Summer cool, winter warm

* Hypoallergenic

* Natural relief for skin irritations

* Organic Fibre


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