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135 x 200cm

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200 x 200cm

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225 x 220cm

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Super King

260 x 220cm


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100% British Wool filled Duvets


Natural, warm and breathable for a deep, restful night’s sleep


Wool is unsurpassed as a natural bedding fibre and our British Wool duvets offer great comfort and warmth whilst providing the practicality of being machine washable.


Wool’s inbuilt climate control regulates your temperature and humidity keeping you warm, dry and comfortable throughout the night. Natural, warm and breathable, curly wool fibres trap your body’s warm air and provide excellent insulation.


Our 100% Platinum certified pure British Wool duvets are machine washable and are covered in 100% luxury cotton and with no synthetic layer. The wool layers are held in place by a quilted stitch pattern.


Wool's other natural qualities, including being hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-dustmite, flame retardant, bio-degradable and from the ultimate renewable resource make it a fantastic bedding option. Recent scientific studies have shown that wool bedding can give 25% more deep regenerative sleep than with synthetic bedding.


These duvets are machine washable on a wool cycle with wool detergent. Line drying is recommended.


We offer our wool duvets in two different filling weights ... 400 gsm and 500gsm. As wool is natural and constantly breathing, it is difficult to assign definitive ‘tog’ values. However they both benefit from wools excellent insulating properties which will keep you warm, dry and comfortable.


Spring/Summer Weight Wool Duvet

(400gsm) approx. 9-11 tog


Recommending which duvet would be most suitable for you it is impossible to be definitive, as everyone is different and has their own metabolism and preferences. However, equivalent to approx 9-11 tog this duvet is suitable for most people, through most of the year.

Winter Weight Wool Duvet

(500gsm) approx. 11-14 tog


Our warmest and cosiest, this duvet, equivalent to approx 11-14 tog, is perfect for winter as it is lovely and warm despite being remarkably thin and light. If you tend to be on the cold side and want to snuggle into something a little warmer this, we suggest, is the one for you.



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