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Luxuriously Thick 100% Merino Wool Underblanket / Mattress Topper


Relax into the thick, springy, cushioned support of a 100% pure wool underblanket. Keeps you warm and comfortable, cradles your body and relieves pressure points to give exceptional sleeping comfort


The exceptionally deep pile of natural fibres (total 1300gsm) provides a springy underblanket to give your body cushioned support through the night. This wool 'fur' mattress protector is the ideal 'humidity controller' to give insulation and comfort from below - keeping you warm in Winter and yet cool in Summer.


The natural benefits of wool are now generally accepted and the soft, yet firm, base provided by the fleece distributes the body's weight and provides natural relief for aching muscles and joints and can also be beneficial for rheumatism and arthritis sufferers.


Hypoallergenic and long lasting

Highly durable, the fleece from the sheep is naturally tough and resilient and remains in good shape for many years without breaking or flattening of the fibres. Regular airing will be sufficient to keep the underblanket clean and fresh, although dry cleaning is possible if necessary.


Extra thick, soft and resilient

With a total weight of 1300 gsm these are the thickest wool fleece underblankets that you will find. Three times thicker than most. A double wool layer ... 800gsm long pile one side and 500gsm short pile on the other ensures extra warmth and enhances comfort by being very soft yet resilient. The soft wool fibres are incredibly comforting and therapeutic. This comfort is especially important for those who suffer from

illness or injury and may have to spend extra time in bed. It is around 5cm thick ... around 2-3cm when compressed. Elastic straps on the corners for easy fitting.

Cleaning: Dry clean



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